My Next Project: Notification Center for Windows Phone
Posted on 11-17-12 12:18 pm

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As many of you know, whenever I have an experimental project at hand, I like to show it off in the preliminary stages, to get feedback and ideas for how it should turn out. Well, I'm doing that again today, and I'll have you know that this is no conceptual project. It's completely, 100% genuinely working. Watch the video above, it'll explain it.

What we have here is my response to the controversial subject of a notification center. Every time I've tried using toasts, I've found them rather pointless, as they disappear after 10 seconds and I'll never know what app wanted to tell me what. With the recent talks of Microsoft working on one, I thought I'd put together my own for Windows Phone 7, and possibly even WP8 (haven't tested it, but if the push works the same way, it should work fine).

The application is rather simple in design and does not require any root privileges. You're welcome. But it's also in very early stages, so I need some ideas about designs and usage. If you think you'd use this application, give me a hollar below, as I need to know whether or not I should work on making it stable enough for public use, or if people are content with the current system by Microsoft. 

Questions, thoughts, concerns, drop them below. 


Update: Hey, guess what kids! It works on WP8:

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