More Windows Phone 7 Information
Posted on 05-23-10 07:00 pm

More Windows Phone 7 information has been collected by WMExperts from an hour-long interview of Microsoft's Director of Developer Experience, Brandon Watson.

While most of it we already knew, they note the following:


  • Final version of developer tools will be available "months" before final release of hardware.
  • New builds of WP7 developer tools every month or two [Whereas current development tools for WM are released very infrequently, about every two years]
  • Developers: Do expect access to WP7 phones! More info coming soon…
  • Hundreds of thousands of downloads of WP7 dev tools already
  • 2 million C# developers in the US  –> all potential WP7 developers
  • If you’re a competent Silverlight developer, you should be able to build WP7 apps in just a few hours.
  • 3rd party apps won’t be able to use email attachments
  • No support for in-browser Silverlight at this time, didn’t make the cut
  • Business experience was not "main concern" with this initial release; consumer UX was.
  • Rejection of apps will feature a bullet list of things to fix to get it in, no vagaries
  • OEM applications can’t multitask either
  • No restriction on programming tools as long it compiles down to their common language runtime (C# only, more languages later)
  • Socket support for WP7 will come later but is not in initial release.
  • Markets of availability have not yet been announced (i.e. U.S. release vs. Europe)

  • It's worth noting that while the first version will have many missing features, they plan to offer OTA updates to correct these problems, and we should expect updates very soon.



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