MAGLDR released with NAND Android for HD2, WP7 coming soon?
Posted on 12-30-10 07:00 pm

The Dark Forces Team have launched their long awaited MAGLDR tool for the HD2, bringing in NAND Android ROMs and many more features:

After long (about 4 months) under awful developing, DFT proudly presents MAGLDR bootloader - The first bootloader with built-in Tetris!

The MAGLDR tool allows for booting many non-native roms on an HTC HD2, such as the now-released NAND Android ROM. The ROM is based around a stock Desire ROM, and you can find more information on it in the original thread.

An important item of interest is the hint of WP7 being unofficially released for the HTC HD2. The Dark Forces Team (DFT) were among the first to demonstrate WP7 booting on the HTC HD2. And furthermore, two hints in the original thread bring to light that WP7 is indeed coming, though the time is not clear:

"Boot WPH" - boots WPH from nand. WPH must be flashed before. NOT AVAILABLE now.

And further in the disclaimer. Of course, WP7's release from DFT has been known for a while, but unfortunately, the unofficial release will come devoid of any Live services, making your HD2 less functional than real WP7 devices.

In the meantime, Android lovers rejoice, and those still in hopes for Windows Phone 7 on the HD2, hang tight-there's light at the end of the tunnel. 

[Via: @CotullaCode, XDA (1) (2)]

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