MAGLDR coming to HTC Topaz, Rhodium
Posted on 02-09-11 05:39 pm

A favorite saying of ours must once again be shouted: Long live Windows Mobile, or rather, Windows Mobile will live forever. MAGLDR, which has brought Android NAND and Windows Phone 7 to the HTC HD2, now has more goodnews. As shown above, the creators of the tool, the Dark Forces Team, have tweeted that the tool will soon be coming to the HTC Topaz and HTC Rhodium. For those needing a translator, that's the Touch Diamond 2 (AT&T Pure) and the HTC Touch Pro 2.

While Windows Phone 7 on the devices is still a no, due to hardware incompatibility, this should bring in some better support for Android on these older devices. We hope to see some exciting advancements made soon, and for good measure, there's an image of MAGLDR running on the Touch Pro 2 shown below. Topaz and Rhodium users, your moment is coming soon.

[Via: @CotullaCode]

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