LockWidgets 8 Update Live
Posted on 04-19-13 06:08 am

Took long enough in certification, but it's finally live! LW8 version contains fixes that were created from the day LW8 launched *, and should include every bug fix/change people have personally requested, within the bounds of reason. Here's the changelog:

  • Several, several bug fixes. If you were having trouble with it updating, that should now be fixed.
  • Updates more frequently when using Weather widgets (was a bug with location service)
  • Separate Tomorrow's Forecast and Current Weather widgets
  • Fixed a bug with the battery life not displaying remaining days
  • Other small fixes

I've also done a lot of work on the backend that's been live for a while. The forecast should be more accurate, and everything should overall work much better now.

So if you're one of those people who tried LW8, had problems, and wanted to try it again once the update was out, now's your chance to give it another shot.

Please let me know of any problems you have, any suggestions, etc. Appreciate it! As usual, it's available in the Windows Phone Store.

Also, as an FYI: "Periodically" is defined by the Windows Phone OS as "every 30 minutes, usually". That's not something I can customize or make more frequent.

  • To clarify: I was reading feedback from the day LW8 launched and implemented several bug fixes. Unfortunately, due to some unknown delays in certification, LW8 only passed last night. This post isn't about the store, though, so I'll share my experiences and some tips some other time. Just be grateful it's finally here. ;)

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