LockWidgets 8 Now in the Store
Posted on 03-28-13 08:01 am

After 10 days in certification, LockWidgets 8 finally got unstuck and is now live in the Windows Phone Store!

I submitted this again due to popular request, and hopefully people will enjoy it.

It's pretty simple. It's a Windows Phone 8 application that allows you to put weather info, battery info, and weather effects on your lock screen, which can be set to NASA, Bing daily, or your own photo. I'm open to suggestions ;)

In the time it took to be approved, a couple of knockoffs have showed up, but maybe my app will still be appreciated. If you like it, it's available in the Windows Phone Store.

It's $0.99 with a free trial; there's no difference between the two versions at this time, but it does cost me bandwidth to run LW8, so if you want to contribute to hosting it (or other WPH projects), feel free to purchase it. If there's too much load on the server at some point, I may differentiate the versions. We'll see.

Anyhow, as you guys requested, LW8 is now a reality. Enjoy, and thank you much for everyone's enthusiasm!

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