LG Panther
Posted on 05-24-10 07:00 pm

LG Panther from InnovationSingapore

At the Singapore Microsoft Innovation Centre, not one, but two, LG Panthers have been sent for developers to test applications on (which Microsoft told us would be available earlier). They have this to say on how they got it:

"Well, we wished we could say that we found it at a local Starbucks because someone left it there after a caffeine high, but in reality these were sent to us so we can start testing our Windows Phone 7 applications in Singapore on an actual device instead of only using the emulator."











The prototypes were sent including the box and accessories. The recipients have made the following observations:


  • This is definitely still a prototype device, and there are still quite a few rough edges to be fixed. The device OS is still being updated with new builds almost every other day.
  • Even the packaging and box is expected to be different before the final product ships. For example, the current box is not even using the correct Windows Phone 7 logo.
  • Despite it’s prototype status, the phone appears to be more or less feature complete and incredibly responsive and fast. The animations are all very smooth.
  • For the time being, you need a special build of the desktop Zune software (Dorado) to sync with the device; the current released version of desktop Zune software won’t work.
  • The camera works pretty well, and the resulting photo is sharp, as you can see below:

    It's good to note that they are receiving updates nearly every other day, which shows that Microsoft now is using their ability to have OTA updates ready without having to re-flash.


    Source: Pocketnow and InnovativeSingapore

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