LG GW910 found in FCC filing, ready for AT&T launch
Posted on 08-23-10 07:00 pm

Thanks to our friend the "Freedom of Information Act", PhoneScoop has obtained information about the original LG Panther, now dubbed the LG BEJGW910. Of course, that's just a code name (we hope), but the FCC filing included lots of great information, ranging from the radio bands, all the way to the internal parts photos. The useful information this gives us is that the phone operates on AT&T 3G bands (again) and it also allows us to get a sneak peak at the device. The device is pretty much the same LG Panther, but with a few touch-ups to allow mass production. Also, anyone else think that it bears a striking resemblance to the LG eXpo?

Read the full FCC filing here.

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