Jaxbot's plan to get himself a WP8: Vote for me! [UPDATE!]
Posted on 01-05-13 04:14 pm

People have been begging me for some WP8 goodness. Which makes sense, since WP8 is the next greatest thing since, well, WP7. But being a student with a limited budget, well, you get the gist. So instead of complaining, here's my strategy for getting a Windows Phone 8. It's really simple:

Win the community vote on this contest: Lumia 8 Week Challenge

I entered Notifications, a fairly solid application if you ask me, and certainly creative. Since I'm really not sure what the judges will think of it, here's your job:

1. Vote for me - It's a little up arrow, it'll take 2 seconds, tops.

2. Use your wisdom: The apps can be up voted and down voted, if you get the gist.

3. Don't cheat. I want to see if I can win this contest fair and square.


Really appreciate all the support, everyone. It's been an interesting last few weeks, but I'm extremely confident this next year will begin strong, contest or no.

Coming up soon are some new neat things, including a certain WP8 app that should be published any day now. But again, a big thank you to all my readers, supporters, etc. You guys/gals are the best.


Update! Since Notifications was unpublished (info on that a bit later), I've changed the link to a different application that I'm sponsoring. Upvote it, please!


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