Introducing WPH EmailKey, DoubleAt for Windows Phone 7
Posted on 03-06-13 02:04 pm

New release today ;) As requested by a couple of people on Twitter, here's WPH EmailKey.

This application is based off a popular iOS homebrew application by the name of "DoubleAt", which basically allows the user to tap the @ button twice to have the email address inserted.

This is actually really useful, if you think about it, as many things require you to type in your email address, such as login forms, etc. 

That's where EmailKey comes in. It's simple. Type on your email address and press Set To @. Once done, the application will add your email address as an alternate mapping for the @ button. That means when you hold down @ on your keyboard, your email address will be a suggestion. It's simple and won't affect anything. You can also easily disable it, too.

I also took the liberty of implementing such functionality into WPH Tweaks, which now allows you to customize any button on your keyboard, not just @, and add any number of suggestions, to the limit of the keyboard software. Note this is a bit of a hack, so there are some issues, such as having to tap to the left of the suggestion if it's long.

Watch the video above for a simple demonstration of both EmailKey and the WPH Tweaks changes. Download the app here, or find the source on GitHub. Requires root privileges.

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