Introducing the Windows Phone Hacker Wiki
Posted on 12-05-11 10:07 am

As site administrators, as Windows Phone and the hacking/homebrew scene has continued to grow over the last year, we've noticed a lack of any decent, consistent location for general knowledge topics. Most hacks, tweaks, etc, would be covered in news articles on various sites (especially our own), and then lost in time. If lucky, an interested user would manage to recover the knowledge through a couple of search queries, but as news rots quickly, this was becoming increasingly difficult.

To solve this, we decided to do what every other successful hacking community has done: build up a Wiki. So today, on behalf of Windows Phone Hacker and the Windows Phone hacking community in general, we are proud to announce the Windows Phone Hacker Wiki. This Wiki will serve as a basis for handling general hacking information, device-by-device instructions on jailbreaking/interop unlocking, popular homebrew applications, and other general knowledge that should be shared with the world on how much potential these devices truly have.

Though small in beginning, we've filled up what we could on jailbreaking, types of unlocking, device ROMs, etc. As the weeks go on, we'll be working to expand this knowledge base, and hope that developers/enthusiasts who have information to contribute will be able to help expand the public information for the sake of the community.

The software itself uses the all-too-familiar MediaWiki system, and all registered users are free to contribute edits. For the time being, edits may have to be approved before they are publicly visible, but this will change as things stabilize in the future.

On behalf of Windows Phone Hacker and the community, have at it, and as usual, leave constructive criticism in the comments below.

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