Introducing the Notifications App
Posted on 01-10-13 08:31 pm

Finally. The Notification Center application, heretofore called simply "Notifications", is now in the WP7 Marketplace.

Everything about this launch is experimental, ranging from the app to actually using the Marketplace. I won't bore you with the pep talk, here's the important details: 

  • Notifications is now finally in the Marketplace, after four attempts. I didn't pull a Keep Alive this time, so I assume it's there to stay.
  • Notifications is a paid application. I really hate to do that, but the load cost of NC is much higher than I expected, and thus it actually costs me money to run Notifications, unlike my other applications. I'm still experimenting with this, so I may adjust the price and other details in the future. You may want to try before you buy, too, since NC does not always work as expected.
  • Notifications is for Windows Phone 7 only. I don't have a WP8 at this time, but I'm hoping to get my hands on one soon. In the meantime, it doesn't work on WP8, and I'll have to see if that's fixable once I get my hands on one.
  • Beta testers: If you donated and got your name on the list for NC, you'll get it free, along with the new version of NC, with will include brainstormed features such as nudging, etc. I appreciate all the help from you guys and I'll keep you on the list for more pre-releases, exclusive stuff, etc. It's my thank you to you, as well as an apology for all the opposition the NC beta faced.

Anyhow, here's the store link, and below is a QR code for download. Have fun, rate it a 5-star if you like me, and let's hope for the best ;)


Update: Microsoft has deemed Notifications unfit for the WP store. It is unavailable for new downloads or reinstalls, and will never be available in the store in the future. Sorry about that.

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