Interop unlock found for Nokia, receiving some opposition
Posted on 11-26-11 07:10 am

Some good and bad news today for Nokia owners on the hacking front:

Heathcliff74, the creator of the interop unlock for Samsung devices, has discovered a similar exploit for Nokia devices. If you're confused about what this means, be sure to read this. The unlock, of course, requires the device to support sideloading, but this can be achieved with either App Hub or ChevronWP7 Labs. The good news here is that interop unlocking is well possible for Nokia devices, bringing unlimited sideloading and the possibility (once development catches up) for tools such as registry editors and file explorers for the device.

Here's the bad news, though. The tool requires the Network Setup app from Nokia. The app is now set to "Unpublished" on the Marketplace, meaning either Microsoft or Nokia has pulled the app. This could either be a huge coincidence, or Microsoft is super in touch with hacking news. Either way, it looks like the majority of users are unable to download the application, crippling the exploit.

If the app becomes available again, though, Nokia users are home free. Keep an eye out for the app, and if it happens to appear in the Marketplace, do us a favor and post below. In the meantime, props to Heathcliff74 and the XDA community for bringing hacks like these. Hit up the source for more information.

[Via: wpcentral; Source: XDA]

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