Posted on 04-02-12 05:28 am

Software piracy has become an extremely controversial subject lately. We all know SOPA and PIPA. But when it comes down to the very personal scale of app development, one must question the true wrongdoing in obtaining free software. We have debated this internally at WPH, and while our major developers have voted against it, the new blood here has decided to make a modest proposal. Leave it to the hands of the users.

We've heard many arguments against obtaining cracked applications, all of which are erroneous. Some claim it hurts homebrew, and has resulted in the extreme locking down of the WP7 operating system. Others claim it robs developers who spend hours developing, and takes away from the income of not large, greedy corporations, but rather, personal developers who may have families to support, or education to fund. Others claim it is just morally wrong, and shows a degrading of character when something so cheap is still seen unworthy of personal dimes.

This application is subject to the disclaimer that you use it under your own moral obligations and local laws. Essentially, this application installs a DRM store to your phone that causes the Marketplace to unlock all trial applications, and circumvent charging users for purchases. It's easy and effective. We can't say we support it, and don't know how long it will be until Microsoft patches it, as they are historically very quick and organized in bug fix updates.

Requirements: a developer unlocked device. 

Instructions: just sideload the dang thing


You can hotlink and redistribute this one; we figured this would be okay, as everyone has followed this rule in the past, and we've never, ever, seen our own applications ripped off or run through third-party retailers before.

[This post was an April Fools day joke.]

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