HTC shipped Mango ROMs leak out
Posted on 09-09-11 07:16 am

Here's a familiar tale:

Official Mango ROMs for the HTC Gold, Mozart, Schubert, and Spark (GSM and CDMA/Verizon) have leaked over on XDA Developers. This isn't the first time, and the person responsible for this "gift" is, as usual, XDA Member "Football". 

If you're running a stock HTC device and want some early gold, sneak over to XDA Developers in the source link to pick up the appropriate ROM for your device. Quick warning, though: Football and Cotulla warn that you cannot flash these ROMs if you have HSPL/RSPL installed. The consequence? A shiny brick. If you haven't flashed another cooked ROM, though, you should be safe.

As usual, a word of caution goes to our readers, along with a "have fun." ;) 

[Source: XDA-Developers

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