HTC Interop Unlock found and ready for action
Posted on 11-30-11 05:46 pm

Good news in time for the holidays for HTC Windows Phone users. Until recently, interop unlocking on HTC devices was a no-go after NoDo, the only exception being custom ROMs. Now, thanks to the work of the XDA Developers community, things are looking up quite a bit.

Several community members, of mention come Kounadisk, GoodDayToDie, CeesHeim and Heathcliff74, have devised a way to upgrade a developer unlocked HTC device to interop unlock, enabling registry editors and the like in addition to having unlimited unsigned app deployment. The exploit is fairly simple and involves using the HTC connection setup application and some attention to following instructions.

The device will, of course, need to be already developer unlocked. This can be achieved with either App Hub or a ChevronWP7 Labs token. This may also work if it's installed prior to updating to Mango and getting relocked, but we're not sure on that.

And, unfortunately, there's a catch. A second driver update from HTC specifically cripples this exploit, which is, unfortunately, already built into second generation devices. This means that for the time being, HTC Radar and Titan users will not be able to use this method, until a workaround is found.

This aside, for HTC users fitting this criteria, you may want to jump over the source link and read up on the instructions. It's certainly worth a try.

[Source: XDA Developers]

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