How to get Mango Beta 2 for non-developers
Posted on 07-31-11 01:35 pm

At the end of last month, we posted a little piece that dealt with giving non-developers access to the Mango beta, and needless to say, it was extremely popular. Since Mango Beta 2 has been released, we're breaking things down a bit to make it quick and painless to bring the latest Mango over to your non-developer devices.


We are not responsible if your device is damaged, or for any other actions you take as a result of this article. Plan and simple, you're responsible for your own actions. 

Make sure you backup your device. If you don't, you may not be able to receive official updates anymore, which would be awful. Also, if you have a Samsung device (eg AT&T Focus), you might as well follow these few steps before continuing, if you want homebrew.

For people on build 739x (Non-Mango users)

If you haven't run Mango before, or have restored your device from a previous Mango run, start here. These instructions are completely identical to our previous method, as 7661 will be skipped over to the latest build. Here's the short and sweet:


  • Make sure you are running the retail version of the Zune client, not the beta version floating around. If you get an update error, make sure you have Zune build 4.7 (available on the Zune site).
  • Install the Windows Phone Support Tool. Do not run it! It is only needed for the libraries, it's not part of the process. Download: (32bit64bit)
  • Also make sure your phone displays "Up To Date" in the Zune client.


1. Download version 0.3 of MangoForAll. Do not hotlink this file, link to us instead. Thanks.

2. Extract the zip file.

3. Connect your phone, and exit Zune. If Zune is running, the update won't be able to run until it is exited.

4. Run Update.bat

5. Follow the steps on the screen. It will backup your device, provision it, then send a backup copy to PreMangoState2 on your C: drive.

6. Zune will open, and should display an update notification for 7401. Install it (should take only a few minutes), then return to Zune. You should see another update notification for 7712.

7. If no errors appear, you're good! Jump down to "Moving Forward..." for important info.


Make sure you have version 4.7 of the Zune Client installed. Also make sure Zune is exited, and that you have the Windows Phone Support Tool installed. If you need help, feel free to ask away in the comments.

For people on build 7661 (Mango users)

There's nothing to do, Mango will automatically be pushed to your phone. If you have trouble, restore your phone to NoDo (see below) and try again.

Moving Forward...

At this point, you will need to install the Zune 4.8 Beta client in order for your phone to sync. Reportedly, it can be found here. When it comes time for official updates, you need to restore to NoDo.

Restoring NoDo

You must restore NoDo before the Mango update is released, according to Microsoft. This applies to everyone, including registered developers.

To restore NoDo, run the Restore.bat file, or follow the instructions in Readme.txt.

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