Homebrew brings on-device screenshots to Windows Phone 7
Posted on 05-26-11 09:42 pm

A much wanted feature for Windows Phone 7 has always been the ability to take screenshots, but this has unfortunately been left out. Thankfully, thanks to the help of Jaxbot's sneaky dehydration hack, fiinix's DllImport Library, and unlocked devices, we now have the ability to easily snap screenshots of any application on the device. How it works is simple-open the application, and it will automatically enable the dehydration hack, which allows the app to listen in the background. Then, press the start button to navigate to the desired application, and Voila, you can now use the focus button (half-press on the shutter key) to snap a screenshot, which will be saved to the pictures library. From there, you can upload it, text it, email it, share it, Tweet it, transfer it to your PC, you name it. 

The application was assembled by fiinix on XDA Developers, who has been responsible for much of the native device access libraries that enable things such as our own TaskViewer. The application works on any developer unlocked device, so if you're still rocking one, head over to XDA Developers for the download, and don't forget to thank the developer for his hard efforts.

[Source: XDA Developers]

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