Heathcliff releases new Samsung 1st and 2nd gen jailbreaks
Posted on 03-25-13 09:55 pm

There's really not much to say that the title does not already explain. Heathcliff has announced a triple release wave, featuring WP7 Root Tools 1.1, a new SDK build, and, lo and behold, working unlocks for 1st and 2nd generation Samsung devices.

That means all the people who have been trying to unlock their Omnia W and Focus S's now have a possible methods. This should work on fully updated phones, unlike my dated Windowbreak exploit, which only worked for people who did not receive firmware updates after 7740.

But I digress. The downloads and instructions for all of this is at wp7roottools.com. Big thanks to Heathcliff74 for this one; if you appreciate his hard work, there's a big orange button on his site. Just sayin.

And WP7 lives on.

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