Happy Birthday, WindowsPhoneHacker
Posted on 10-15-12 03:38 pm

Today is WindowsPhoneHacker's 4th birthday. By the end of the year, WPH will have covered all three of Microsoft's mobile phone operating systems, each with the same goal. It's been an interesting last year to say the least, and I'm pleased to say that I'm happy with the direction the site is going in. I hope you are too. As always, I'm open to feedback.

Here's some highlights from the last year:

And the big one,


In addition to this, I've also worked on covering general "jailbreaking" techniques, as well as spent countless hours researching such topics.

Over the next year, things will become fairly interesting, as Windows Phone 8 will coexist with WP7 for some time, and other releases from Microsoft will change (or attempt to) the scene that we currently view. I hope to continue my usual quirky work with homebrew applications and occasional hacks, and if anyone has any requests, I am again open for suggestions.

A special thank you goes out to all my readers and supporters. You guys are the reason I do this, and I really do appreciate your kind and even not-so-kind remarks. So thanks. Another special thanks goes to the people who throw little contributions my way, which helps with running the site and always makes me smile at the kind gesture. A dollar doesn't host the site, but it does make my day. So again, thanks.

Finally, a shout out goes to the WP7 homebrew community. We might not see eye-to-eye all the time, but we all have similar goals in mind, and I like to think that we've done a good job of improving an otherwise broken product.

Cheers, everyone, and keep tabs for what's next.

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