For developers: Custom core "hacked" tiles
Posted on 11-08-11 12:37 pm

You know how tiles on Windows Phone have a sort of irony about them? How live tiles are a major selling point of the phone, but until Mango, applications could only have one tile? And now, even secondary tiles are limited, and can't utilize all those cool animations that the built-in tiles can?

Well, that's all coming to an end soon, thanks to homebrew and the work of fiinix. Fiinix on XDA Developers is the creator of the DllImport library, which is utilized by many homebrew applications, including the screenshot programs and even our own Folders application. His recent work brings in the ability to create those special tiles, including calendar, people, picture slideshow, and row-rotating tiles. For developers, this means some more originality can be added to applications, including adding some useful data into those live tiles, as well as having better control over them. For end users, well, you can enjoy the work that developers release thanks to this project.

The example code and project can be found over at XDA Developers, and a video demonstration of the project can be found above. Good work, fiinix! Now it's time to get to work on making some seriously live tiles.

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