Folders for Windows Phone: On-Device demonstration
Posted on 01-11-12 08:36 am

As requested by many, many people, Folders will be receiving an update soon that enables configuration on-device. This is more of a branch than an update, though, as it is incompatible with the earlier version, and has some changes in functionality. Essentially, homebrew applications won't be supported, at least for now. You can still pin them into folders by deploying both the old and new application, however. In the future, we'll see about finding a way to add support back for that, which will probably come in the form of a desktop application. (People ask why we don't just list on-device applications; the reason is because we do not have access for this, which would require interop and would thus only be supported on a select few devices).

Watch the video above and tell us what you think, we'll be playing around with it and are interested in feedback/suggestions.

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