Folders for Windows Phone Mango update
Posted on 12-17-11 09:49 am

The Folders application has received quite a bit of attention, and we thought it could use some development attention, too. We're working on fixing things up, which includes updating our apps, our site, and getting things ready for 2012. As part of that, here's Folders version 3. The change log is small, but handy:

  • Support for custom accents (manually enter the color, since we don't have a way to detect it)
  • Optimization, bug fixes
  • Easier to pin applications
  • Able to use applications from other markets (e.g. fr-FR)
  • Able to save the XAP to deploy manually (makes things easier)

As usual, give us your suggestions in the comments, and let us know about any bugs while we've got this on the table. Enjoy!

Download it at the Folders page.

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