Folders for Rooted and Full Unlocked devices
Posted on 02-25-12 09:43 am

Yesterday, I promised I would try to get the new branch of Folders out ASAP, and sure enough, here it is. This is a branch of the original Folders application for devices that allow root access. Currently, this is only devices with custom ROMs. Heathcliff74 on XDA is working on a new version of Root Tools that may allow this application to work on other devices in the future, but until then, make sure your device has the necessary requirements before trying to use it.

This is an experimental release, and may have some issues. If you have any feedback, suggestions, etc., let me know in the comments.

Download: folders_root2.xap

Do not hotlink or redistribute this file. Link to the current page instead.

Chefs, please request permission before cooking this into ROMs.

With this said, enjoy! Also, for those wondering: the live tile and other changes will be integrated into the on device version soon.


Update: Some issues have been fixed, namely the "can't remove app" bug. Make sure to update using the download link above.

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