Experimental: TouchWake; use capacitive/hardware buttons to wake your device!
Posted on 07-19-12 09:56 am


Okay, so when working on Eco, I accidentally discovered that the keypad driver for the capacitive buttons on my Samsung Focus could be forced into an on state, which would then disable the manager from automatically turning it on and off in sync with the screen state. 

Essentially, this means that I can now wake up my Samsung Focus simply by touching the capacitive buttons on the bottom of the screen. At first, this was really nice and made a lot of sense, but I later noticed how annoying it could be if your phone is in, say, a pocket or against your face during a call.

To add to the downsides, you can only disable it by restarting your phone, and I could only get it working on my Focus. Whether it works for other Samsung devices, I don't know, but do try it and tell me how it goes.

Update: Thanks to all the feedback, here's some details on which devices it works on, and what happens:

  • Samsung Focus/Omnia 7:  Wakes device using capacitive buttons
  • Lumia 710: Wakes using the hardware buttons (video, thanks Pirat!)
  • Lumia 800: Wakes using the focus button
  • LG C900: Windows/Camera buttons wake device

And perhaps some others, you'll have to test and see. Thanks, everyone!

You do not need root privileges, just sideload one of the two versions below. To uninstall the settings version, install the original version and then uninstall from the start menu.




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