Exclusive: WPH TaskViewer released (Video)
Posted on 05-17-11 05:12 am

Along the lines of experimenting and hacking, Jaxbot has decided to release an application entitled "TaskViewer", which, as the name implies, is a task viewing application for Windows Phone 7 devices. Keep in mind this is a task viewer, not a task manager, and thus it can only display applications, not close them. What this does do, however, is provide useful insight into how Windows Phone 7 handles it's memory and applications. It also comes particularly useful when using the Dehydration Hack, as it will provide details on how much memory your phone is consuming.

One particularly interesting feature, in addition, is the ability of the application to listen in the background (when using the dehydration hack) for when the user presses volume down and volume up simultaneously, in which it will display a message box in the current application with the current memory load. 

Here's the complete features list:

  • Displays memory load and total physical memory
  • Displays device uptime
  • Lists all running processes
  • Displays a message over the current application with memory load information upon pressing VolUp+VolDown (dehydration hack must be enabled)

Naturally, this will require a developer-unlocked device. Download the XAP file below and deploy it to your phone, then let us know what you think in the comments.

Download: taskviewer_0.1.xap - Please do not link to the file directly, link to this page instead.

Omnia 7 users: A strange hardware-related issue may require you to use this build, which uses the half-shutter button instead.

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