Exclusive: Instant Resuming on Windows Phone 7 (Hack)
Posted on 03-19-11 08:30 am

When exploring around in the Windows Phone 7 registry, our main developer Jaxbot found something interesting. After playing around, the results were instantly evident: Instant Resuming on Windows Phone 7. A video of how it looks is embedded above. Quite simply, this hack disables the "Resuming..." phase when returning to an application, and instead will take you right back to where you were, instantly. In a more technical aspect, this evidently disables the dehydration function of the task host. Whatever the case, it makes it now possible to jump between applications, text messages, and lock screens without having to wait for the application to reload. Take a peak at it in the video above.

Be forewarned, however. This is not for the average user, and has some undesirable (though not crippling) side effects. To do it, make sure your device is developer unlocked, then edit the following registry key:


and set "DehydrateOnPause" to 0 (defaults to 3).

The effects should be evident immediately, but your results may vary. Again, this is for advanced users only, but it certainly helps when trying to multitask on your Windows Phone 7 device. Enjoy!

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