EvoFX engine demonstrates the power of 3D Windows Phone 7 Games
Posted on 08-29-10 07:00 pm

Anyone who has used Windows Mobile for a considerable amount of time knows that 3D Rendering is not one of it's strengths. However, EvoFx Studio has posted the above video demonstrating their 3d engine running on the Windows Phone 7 emulator. Not only does the scene run smoothly, but it features dynamic shadows, an animated skybox, and wind effects on the trees. The engine is going to be used for their game "Zombies Night Out", which screenshots can be seen of towards the end of the video.

A dynamic skybox running on Windows Phone 7

The engine looks extremely promising, and confirms that we will see some nice titles coming to Windows Phone 7 after it's launch. Watch the video above, or read more at the EvoFx website.

[Via: WMPU]

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