Early draft preview: LockWidgets 2
Posted on 05-24-12 03:48 pm

I'm going to make this as concise as possible, but will also make an attempt at making a full explanation. Above is a shot of a very early draft of what I've been trying to work on lately; it's a rewrite of LockWidgets that works as it's supposed to, allowing full customization of widget placement, custom update schedules, and more useful information, such as text message notifications, etc. 

This project has been a pain to work on, not because the code is being difficult, but because I am currently on a mandated summer vacation, and this old HP laptop simply doesn't do Visual Studio any justice. Of course, I realize nobody really cares about my first-world problems, but I thought I'd supply an explanation as to why development is taking so much longer than expected.

As usual, I'd also like to hear some suggestions. Text notifications and weather are planned, perhaps some dynamic images or something. If you have any ideas, be sure to let me know in the comments. I'll give more details when development is closer to an early release, but as for now, LockWidgets 2 is currently a very, very early draft. Let's see if I can find a way to be less claustrophobic on this laptop, shall we?


P.S. That photo was taken by the Lumia 800, and was the only somewhat crisp one in a batch of 12 images. Are you sure my Lumia isn't a beta smartphone?

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