DIY App Maker website for Windows Phone 7 in development
Posted on 08-12-10 07:00 pm

Similar to AppMakr for iPhone apps or AppInventor for Android, Jay Desai is working on developing a simple app-making website for Windows Phone 7. Note this is only a tech preview, so it lacks many features, but the developer has plans to add more features to it as development progresses.

The idea is to be able to create an App for one's website by taking it's RSS feeds, Twitter updates, Facebook updates, and perhaps later even Flickr or Youtube, and displaying all these updates on a panoramic hub in WP7.

After filling out the form, one simply has to click "XAP It", which will compile a XAP file for deployment for WP7. The only problem is the prevention of sideloading apps, but one could always submit the application to the marketplace after paying the developer fees.

The website currently isn't public, but one can request a password via Twitter.

[Via: 1800PocketPc

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