DFT working on Custom ROMs for HTC Titan, Radar
Posted on 03-22-12 08:54 am

As usual, we'd like to keep the community informed about the progression of homebrew related things. As tweeted by Cotulla (@CotullaCode), the Dark Forces Team is working on bringing custom ROMs to the HTC Omega and Titan. For those not aware, Omega is the codename of the HTC Radar.

Before people start asking things, this is literally all we know, and developers usually dislike being nagged for details, so I would recommend against pestering the team. This isn't the first time I've heard similar news before, however, so the official word seems promising. No ETAs, no details on variants. 

In case you weren't aware, DFT is responsible for custom ROMs on HTC first generation devices, and recently brought us MAGLDR for the Samsung Focus and Omnia 7. Let this be a sign of hope to people who bought a shiny new device and were made jealous by us faithful first-generation users.

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