DFT previews WML, a Windows Mobile loader for Windows Phone devices
Posted on 02-15-12 02:40 pm


Whoa whoa whoa what? That's exactly what I said when I clicked a link tweeted by DFT's CotullaCode Twitter account. Apparently the team is working on a project called "WML", something I assume stands for "Windows Mobile Loader" or something along those lines. Basically, it is exactly what it sounds like: Windows Mobile booting on Windows Phone 7. How this works, I'm not sure. It could be through some sort of emulation, though the framerate is really high. It also could be through just loading the OS from within a full unlocked device, which is probably a likely scenario. Either way, it's pretty dang cool, and while haters are going to hate, I'd love to mess around with this. In fact, it's killing me to know what would happen if someone tried running HaRET from within this environment. Either way, I know as much as you do, so just watch the video above and either drool, look confused, or rant about how you think metro is superior to its grandfather.

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