Demonstration: Folders on Windows Phone 7
Posted on 10-24-11 12:39 pm

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We mentioned the Folders project over on Twitter last week, and it got quite a bit of following, despite it's informality. Today, we're ready to share a quick demonstration of the application. Watch the video below for an informal look on how the application works.

The Folders application requires a Mango device that is developer unlocked. We also must note that the setup is a little tricky. Don't expect as fluid an experience as iOS, where dragging icons together turns into a magical folder. As you can see from the video, however, the end result is speedy and organized. 

The application is in early stages right now, with several new features in planning. It's also soon to be released, so keep an eye on this site and our Twitter page (@wphonehacker) for updates. Share your thoughts below, we're interested in your feedback.

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