ChevronWP7 Labs to developer unlock for $9
Posted on 07-19-11 12:43 pm

ChevronWP7 Labs was announced a while back as a service that would provide official homebrew for Windows Phone devices. Few details are known about it, aside from the fact it will provide a full developer unlock similar to the official tool, and that it will charge a "small fee." According to team member Chris Walsh's tweet, the price is pinned at $9. We understand the service costs a great deal to host, but the price will have to be justified once we see how the service works. Unfortunately, Mango will kill interop applications, which essentially means all registry editors, theme changers, file explorers, sound toggles, mode toggles, screen recorders, etc, will be kicked off the devices. Piracy is also a no-no (and for obvious reasons.) The only thing this unlock does, then, is bring custom applications that conform to Microsoft's standards. Given this catch, are you still interested? Sound it off in the comments.

[Via: WMPU; Source: Twitter]

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