CacheClearer 2
Posted on 11-06-12 04:19 pm

Here's the latest release of the CacheClearer application, which, as the name suggests, clears the cache on your Windows Phone device. 

To enlighten on the history of the application, jessenic and I began working on this as a solution to a problem with the Windows Phone 7 app platform, where files would be cached away with no option, not to the app or to the user, to delete them. Every Windows Phone is littered with never ending cache files. It's just a fact, and something I'm surprised nobody noticed.

This latest version adds a simplistic UI, a tile to trigger the quick clean, and the option to clean the IE, Office, and Maps caches, as well as all the other old features.

It requires a rooted device, but other than that, simply deploy it and go. Grab it over at the CacheClearer page, or check out the video above for an explanation.

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