Ballmer: "Coming full guns" on Windows Phone 7
Posted on 08-02-10 07:00 pm

Windows Mobile may be laying in the dust, but Microsoft's not ready to give up. At their recent investors conference, CEO Steve Ballmer made it very clear that Microsoft is pushing the bar on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform:

"We’re coming full guns," said Ballmer at the company’s annual presentation to analysts at its Redmond, Washington headquarters. "We’re going to sell like crazy; we’re going to market like crazy."

When was the last time you saw a commercial on TV advertising Windows Mobile? Perhaps with some of the T-Mobile HD2 commercials, but those mention only the big screen, and only subtly mention the platform it runs. On the other hand, Microsoft is looking forward to major marketing with Windows Phone 7, most likely including TV commercials and banner ads.

Ballmer even went so much as to say this:

"We've got to push right now with our hardware partners," said Ballmer. "They (the new devices) will be shipping as soon as they are ready. It's job No. 1 urgency around here. Nobody's sleeping at the switch."

Read more at Reuters about Microsoft's marketing strategy.

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