Apple iPad - Why I hate it
Posted on 01-30-10 07:00 pm

Not only is the iPad not even technically a tablet, it also is not even a netbook. You can't multitask, you run Flash, you can't write on it. Why did Apple make this product? Because Apple wants to play the market. They can get money simply by releasing a product with their brand on it.

Figure 1: [IMG][/IMG]

Why is Steve Jobs staring at the audience like that?

Also: Have you ever noticed how the Apple logo is placed everywhere it can be? Not just on products, but on every SIGN they own?!



What's up with that? Is Apple some kind of a cult? Is Apple trying to get access to every market and try global domination? Or do they just want to play the market and see what takes off?

Either way, if a friend of yours is getting hyped up over this P.O.S., send them this video:

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