App: WPH Tweaks (Updated Mar 6th)
Posted on 03-06-13 02:58 pm

Here it is, folks. The initial release of my WPH Tweaks application, which allows simple, elegant tweaking of various options in the WP7 operating system.

This application will serve as a place for me to stuff various tweaks I find in the operating system, and is my attempt at making something a little more elegant than usual. Hopefully other eyes will see it this way; still trying to get some of this Silverlight/Metro design ethos down ;)

Here's the important information:


  • Simple and elegant
  • Toggle Dehydration
  • Toggle clock visibility
  • Toggle 32bit color
  • Enable 'never' screen timeout
  • Enable soft shutter button in camera
  • New: Disable start list jump letters
  • New: Change the amount of apps listed in the task switcher
  • New: Tango only: Static IP, export contacts to SIM
  • New: Rearrange the settings menu
  • Allow media access while the phone is syncing
  • Spoof Xbox "Gold" status and send messages without subscription
  • Change phone's voice
  • Charge your phone wirelessly (not really, but it'll make the OS think that)
  • Change your OEM Marketplace
  • Change volume control ratio, allowing for finer or quicker control
  • Add Google as an IE search provider
  • Custom alert sounds (see below)
  • Remove/restore update targeting
  • Remove/restore carrier splash screen
  • Restart your phone quickly after tweaking
  • Enable SmartDJ outside of the US
  • New: Splash changer
  • New: Keyboard Customizer

Explanations for these options can be found by watching the video ;)

Changelog 1.6

  • Added keyboard customizer

Changelog 1.5

  • Fixed bugs
  • Cleaned up the UI
  • Splash Changer

Changelog 1.0

  • Fixed several bugs

Changelog 0.9

  • Premature update to include new WPH Tweaks design, collect feedback, and fix some issues. Also, SmartDJ features.

Changelog 0.6

  • Tango options: static IP, export contacts to SIM
  • Change H/3G+ to 4G
  • Settings Menu organizer 

Changelog 0.5

  • Some quick fixes
  • Task switcher app count options
  • New "prank": 5G speeds

Changelog 0.4

  • Updated the Root Tools SDK to 0.2.1
  • Disable the annoying start list app letters

Changelog 0.3

  • Some fixes
  • Custom alert sounds
  • Remove/restore update targeting
  • Remove/store carrier splash screen

Changelog 0.2

  • Some optimizations/fixes
  • Volume ratio options, as requested
  • Add Google as an IE search provider (thanks Leapo!)
  • Soft camera option

More stuff coming soon ;)

Big thanks to

Heathcliff74: WP7 Root Tools, plus his SDK which this application is powered by

GoodDayToDie: Marketplace files and information


wphTweaks.xap (version 1.6)


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