App Review: HD2 Camera lock button
Posted on 09-06-10 07:00 pm

Based off of Windows Phone 7's Pocket-To-Picture feature, this application by XDA-Developers user MilaCzeque enables the user to house the Home button on their HTC HD2 to unlock their device and load up the camera instantaneously. The app works quite well, as you can see in the video above. 

Another great plus is the support for the proximity sensor, which detects if the phone is in your pocket, and disables the feature (much like Windows Phone 7). With all this in mind, there's a few limitations. First off, if you have a modified lock screen with the sliding bar on the bottom, the program will be unable to unlock your device. Also, s2u2 is not supported at this time. The only other limitation is the lack of support for user passwords (probably a good thing), so if you have a password, you will have to enter your password to take a picture.

The Verdict

While the application has some weak spots for customizers and hard-core security freaks, the application enables the typical user to quick snap a picture, without worrying about pocket photography. Good job, MilaCzeque!

Watch the video above for a quick demonstration, or download it here.

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