App: MMAppLauncher turns your WM 6.x start menu into an Android-style launcher
Posted on 10-01-10 07:00 pm

If your Windows Mobile "honeycomb" start menu hasn't been doing the trick for you, you've come to the right place. MMAppLauncher is a full start menu and settings replacement for Windows Mobile that works very similar to the Android launcher. Created by XDA Developers member Maximus.Mobile, the beta will allow the user to keep favorites list, view the 20 most recently launched apps, or simply scroll through the icons alphabetically.


  • Full Start Menu replacement
  • Keep tracks of 20 recent run apps
  • Save apps as favorite for easy access
  • Run processes similar to Windows Run
  • Full Settings replacement

The app requires .NET CF 3.5 and Windows Mobile 6.x, but supports QVGA, VGA, WVGA, and even square screens.

Check it out and download it in the application thread.

[Via: XDA-Developers]

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