App: CacheClearer [Updated: v2]
Posted on 11-06-12 04:18 pm

Here's an application that may require a bit of an explanation. As pointed out to me by @jessenic, every Windows Phone application that accesses the internet has a temporary cache folder. Essentially, these are temporary internet files folders for the individual application, which make it faster to pull stale data that the application has already downloaded. Unfortunately, these are apparently not-so-temporary in nature, and from what we've found, can't actually be purged without some homebrew magic.

The video above gives a demonstration of the problem, and the solution, aka this application. The application, collaborated on by jessenic and I (jaxbot), should provide a quick and easy way to clean your device, as well as look into what is being stored by what.


  • One-click cache clearing
  • Pinnable tile (New)
  • Summary of per-application cache uses
  • Clear cache per application
  • Clear IE cache (New)
  • Clear Office cache (New)
  • Clear Maps cache (New)
  • Background tile that lists cache size
  • Background task to auto-clear the cache
  • Simple and easy ;)


Root privileges, either through Root Tools or a custom ROM.


v1.1: Task now runs every 48 launches (about every 24 hours), and an error catch is in place to help fix possible crashes.

v2: Added simple UI, tile for quick cleaning, and options to clear IE, Maps, and Office cache.




Be sure to give feedback, suggestions, etc. We're curious, too: how much cache data is stored on your phone, and which applications seem to be the culprit of excessive storage?

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