Analyzing the new Tango emulator, Part 1
Posted on 02-27-12 01:49 pm

Microsoft released a new version of the Windows Phone SDK today, or rather, released a quick patch that included a new emulator to test applications against to ensure they would run under 256mb of RAM. I haven't had much time today to look into things, but here's my initial analysis after dumping and comparing it to Mango's emulator:

  • The new emulator is build 7.10.8731, which is a few builds back from the 8757 that's floating around. (8757 was staged and given to a select few devices worldwide. DFT happens to have it laying around)
  • There are 2549 total files in the Tango dump that are different compared to corresponding files in the Mango dump. This number is particularly high for a variety of reasons, including regional/language file changes.
  • The following files were added to the Tango dump (e.g. were not in the Mango dump)
    • 1fbb0a6b-4784-4626-967c-f854eb014585.dsm
    • 1FBB0A6B-4784-4626-967C-F854EB014585.rgu
    • 7c926679-58f4-4c18-b65f-0f9f21ae8290.dsm
      887d2d4b472246aea25c8fd2be91bb4e.xap (Help and howto)
    • 887d2d4b472246aea25c8fd2be91bb4eLicense.xml (License for above)
    • CopyPaste.wav
    • eccgen.dll (Something to do with encryption)
    • fmrxtestconfig.xml (Radio stuff)
    • FmStubPdd.dll
    • Internet Connection Sharing stuff
    • IcsClient.dll
    • icscsp.dll
    • IcsService.dll
    • intshare.dll
    • ipnat.dll
    • mpapHelpHowTo02.provxml (These allow the ConnectivityUX and HelpHowTo apps to be installed on coldinit (hard reset))
    • mxipupdateConnectivityUX100.provxml
    • mxipupdateHelpHowTo02.provxml
    • omadsprc.exe
    • SelfRegistration.dll (Microsoft Self-registration Message SMS Protocol, no idea)
    • ShortMsgProvider.dll
    • SIMContactsManager.dll
    • SimContactsSync.dll
    • softap.exe (IC settings)
    • softapuxdll.dll
    • SAPUXPacMan.xml
    • (Edit: These are present in Mango, but not in the emulator dump. Thanks @jessenic)
  • The following files were removed from the Tango dump:
    • 6a540b21-b5c0-4d24-8903-b5b5eb97df58.dsm
    • ContactsSimImport.dll
    • HelpHowTo.xap
    • HelpHowToLicense.xml
    • Microsoft.Phone.xamlbin
    • Mosaic.wma (unpopular ringtone?) 
    • (old version) mpapHelpHowTo01.provxml
    • retaillog.dll

I'll start digging into the significant changes, but here's a little part one for people who are curious. Questions?

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