A week in Windows Phone 7, 9-19-10
Posted on 09-19-10 07:00 pm

Welcome back to A Week In Windows Phone 7, your weekly source for a week full of information regarding Windows Phone 7, and this time, Justin Bieber.


To kick things off (this will be important later), the ending of this video shows Windows Phone 7 playing Wildlife in HD, proving that Windows Phone 7 not only supports HD playback, but supports it well:

And on top of that, we got a look at what once was a Windows Mobile 6.5 device, but now turns out to be running Windows Phone 7 (or we think, considering it's named the HTC 7 Trophy)


Even though we already had a look at the device, crisp pictures always look better on a website. The photo below is our of friend the LG Optimus 7, which is actually turning out to be a very nice looking phone. See more of the images.

Also on Monday, Engadget got some details on Windows Phone 7 devices coming to AT&T, which looks as though there are about 6 devices coming to AT&T this holiday season. More details here.


Moving on, Pocketnow released another one of their review videos of the test Windows Phone 7 hardware, this time showing off the on-screen keyboard:

And also on Tuesday, we got another look at the Samsung GT-i8700 in this blurry-cam video:


And just when the thought the leaks couldn't get clumsier, Windows Phone 7 shows up on a Bing advertisement before the Rachel Zoe show:

We also got word that Windows Phone 7 would support USB tethering at no extra cost, but this was later confirmed a rumor:


HD2 fans, this is for you: The rumored HD7 got seen in this leaked accessories list for T-Mobile, suggesting it will be a launch device for T-Mobile customers. The specifications of the device, however, are unknown. But considering it has a black leather case, we think it's safe to say it's in the slate form factor:

And just as we thought the day couldn't get better, HTC Sense was seen in a (now removed) video, running on the HTC Mozart. Take a look at Engadget here.


What was this about Justin Bieber, you ask? Microsoft demonstrated the Youtube abilities of Windows Phone 7, using videos of Justin Bieber. Bieber jokes aside, the integration is quite nice: You browse on Youtube's website, and then are taken to the music+video hub automatically. You can then see past Youtube history, or exit the hub and it will pause the video.

And, the official Twitter app got confirmed for Windows Phone 7.

The Shocker

Possibly the biggest shock of the week was Microsoft's announcement that Sprint and Verizon will not be getting Windows Phone 7 until 2011. Why? Because Microsoft claims Windows Phone 7 to not support CDMA, yet. Suspicious? We think so.


And, we're back! Thanks for reading-in with us, and be sure to follow WindowsPhone7Central to keep up-to-date on the latest Windows Phone 7 news.

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