A week in Windows Phone 7, 9-12-10
Posted on 09-12-10 07:00 pm

Welcome back to "A Week in Windows Phone 7"! Hopefully we all had a nice, enjoyable week, free of cubicle distractions from the annoying guy you know only as Fred. All jokes aside, let's jump into it:

Monday, 9/6

A Windows Phone 7 commercial from Secret Cinema was posted onto Youtube, promising the "Revolution is coming." Of course, it WAS played before Lawrence of Arabia, so taking it out of context makes things a little confusing:


Tuesday 9/7

The Blogger Night in Toronto videos were posted, showing off several Windows Phone 7 apps, including a iTunes Ping like application, except this time, GPS based:

Wednesday 9/8

Tested.com got their hands on the LG Panther, which was at PAX10 to demonstrate Xbox Live. Either way, they give a nice video showing off some of the games, as well as the normal hubs we've all seen 100 times:

Oh, and the battery died a few times.

Thursday 9/9

Stepping up to the plate, Gizmodo got images of an upcoming Samsung device, infact the same Samsung device we've seen before. The device was identified as the Samsung GT-i8700, through the settings screen below:


Finally it looks like we have some hardware they really screams "expensive". And say, does the blackness of that screen make it AMOLED? We'll see.

Also, Youtube support was confirmed:


Friday 9/10

That mysterious Pakistani Windows Phone 7 device was spotted again, this time on a video demonstrating Windows Phone 7 OS. It's also worth pointing out that WMExperts noticed the AT&T logo in the marketplace, making this the 6th device rumored to be heading to AT&T. Does that make AT&T the premiere carrier, or just very bad at keeping secrets? We'll see.

Also, the LG E900 (Optimus 7) was confirmed by MobilityDigest to support 16gb of storage, thanks a shot extracted from a video floating around the internet. 


And finally, Microsoft was officially confirmed to be holding an open house on October 11th. Let's hope they have a live feed!

Caught up again? Great. Here's to another eventful week, and be sure to check out WindowsPhone7Central for all the latest on Windows Phone 7.

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