A week in Windows Phone 7, 10-3-10
Posted on 10-03-10 07:00 pm

Every week we get closer to the launch, and every week we get closer to the replacement of our Windows Mobile devices. Be it good or bad, here's what happened this week, regarding Windows Phone 7:

Monday, 9/27

Some launch dates got thrown around (I swear I hear another one every day), but it seems the general range is October 15th through October 30th, so expect to hear something soon. 

Two GCF Filings were seen, one for a Toshiba TG03 and one for the Samsung GT-i8700. Unfortunately, code names is the only decent information these filings revealed.

Wednesday, 9/29

It's been a quiet week, but not uneventful. To bring some more vagueness to the "No CDMA phones until 2011" deal, the HTC T8788 was apparently spotted on the Verizon network, doing a speed test. Of course, it could be an early test for Windows Phone 7 CDMA devices, but it does make one wonder.

Thursday, 9/30

Finally something solid, the HTC Mondrian received press renderings:

And another thing to speculate about, the device looks exactly like the HTC Spark/7 Trophy, which received a massive 21 picture leak:

Left: Mondrian
Right: Spark

Very interesting, and hopefully we'll have more conclusive information by next week.

And finally...

The Xbox Live hub began a little testing, revealing the Achievements system:

Yes, it's been a very quiet week, but rest assured that much is going on behind the scenes. By next week, more device information should be released, and we will hopefully have an official announcement from Microsoft regarding the launch date. Until then, stay tuned. We have a couple of upcoming plans for this week.

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