HTC HD2 to get NoDo, may come before official update
Posted on 02-18-11 09:09 pm

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Remember when we wrote about that Sprint 7 Pro rom that got leaked? Not only is it legitimate, but the members of the XDA Developers community have the right idea. Over in this thread, developers are busy picking apart the leaked rom, attempting to build a new SYS image. With this, in theory, the HTC HD2's ROM could be cooked and updated with the newer files, allowing for an actual, non-emulator device to run NoDo. Of course, there's no true saying that the ROM will successfully be ported to any device, and at that, within any sort of time frame, but with a little luck, we might even see the HTC HD2 receiving NoDo before the well-delayed official update comes. Read more in the XDA Developers thread here.

[Via: WMPU]

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