Embrace your uniqueness in your phone
Posted on 05-22-10 07:00 pm

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I remember back, several years ago, when only the coolest of people had one. And if you weren't cool before you got one, you were after you got one. Now, even the lamest of all people have them. It's no longer an object of the elite, it's an everyday device seen everywhere you go. Let's face it, they're everywhere. Every turn at the mall, every line in the convenience store, every show on TV. It's the famous Apple iPhone. It's become more than just a smartphone. It's become an icon in our everyday lives.

Every day, I get asked why I don't have one. People know I always keep nice electronics with me, and they know it wouldn't be hard at all for me to get my hands on one. The answer, aside from all the technical mumbo-jumbo and my personal hate for the extremely cunning Apple marketing team, is that everyone has one. There is nothing unique or cool about the iPhone. Whether or not you can click on an app faster than I can say "breakfast" into Bing mobile isn't whats important. It's that when you want to stand out, you go with a phone nobody has: A Windows Phone.

Sure, plenty of people have Windows Phones, but it's a dramatically decreasing number compared to that of the iPhone. Of course, there's the conspiracy theory that Apple will eventually one day take over our brains and the iPhone will be the key to it, but let's be realistic. They made a product and advertised it extremely well. They made it simple to use for even the dumbest of users. And since the average user doesn't even research the product before buying it, Microsoft's lack of advertisement isn't helping.

But to the point: Whenever I pull out my HD2, people instantly ask me what it is. They're drawn to it and want to see it. They know very little about it, because nobody has one.

So this is my message for you today: Embrace your uniqueness. Use a Windows Phone.

What do you think of this idea?

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