Confidential Windows Phone 7 documentation leaked
Posted on 05-16-10 07:00 pm

Leaked documents from Microsoft have finally been made available on While this info was already known, we now can go through the files and see for ourselves. The information in these documents includes:

  • When you activate the device for the first time you will need an internet connection of some sort to download the license agreement and you need to sign in / sign up for a Microsoft live ID. There is no way around that.

  • The OEMs can change some visual elements like start up wallpaper, ringtones, add Live tiles on Homescreen , Lock screen wallpapers. It looks like Ringtones can be purchased from Windows Mobile 7 Marketplace

  • Windows Phone 7 will have GeoTag and AutoFocus for Video

  • Windows Phone 7 might have Volume buttons on the Side ( according to an image from the Architecture Guide document )

  • Windows Phone 7 will use Direct 3D 11, no OpenGL ES support.

  • Windows Phone 7 : Direct 3D Drivers will have to be developed by OEM (Hopefully this time HTC will give us half-decent drivers)

  • Windows Phone 7 supports Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

  • To an End user the entire File system will look like a single storage unit ( internal memory and external memory will not be differentiated ) Hey that means External storage is supported.

  • The document also specifies a scenario where the user removes the battery.

  • CABs are a thing of the past. WP7 will have apps with the extension XAP

    To see for yourself, download the files below:

    [a=]Windows Phone 7 Development[/a]

    [a=]Windows Phone 7 Architecture[/a]

    [a=]Windows Phone 7 Customization[/a]

    (Via: [a=]WMPoweruser[/a])


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