Windows Phone Hacker

WPH was a site run by Hoverwatch.

During that period of time, I learned a great deal about operating systems, security, application design, user feedback, and web mastery.

I had a lot of fun running WPH, but as high school ended, I decided I need to broaden my horizon.

I now hack on Linux, Google Glass, Android, RESTful APIs, and embedded machines.
Check out my personal blog for that.

Highlights from WPH

The archive
Some Apps I made
Instant Resuming Registry Tweak
WindowBreak jailbreak for Samsung devices
SevenEighter: Bypass update system and install OS 7.8 manually
Notification Center for full unlocked devices

Special thanks

To everyone who helped me along the way.
It was a lot of fun, and we all learned a lot. Thank you.

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